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Crane Connectivity Solutions is an entrepreneurial joint venture between Crane Payment Innovations’ vending connectivity team and Crane Merchandising Systems’ Streamware team. By joining forces, CCS is able to combine the robust capabilities of Crane’s existing portfolios with the agility of a tech startup. The result is a comprehensive technology platform that extends beyond vending and an unprecedented focus on the connectivity solutions that will transform our customers’ businesses. What is Connectivity? Connectivity is the power to bring devices to life; it is the force behind the Internet of Things. CCS helps businesses integrate with the IoT and enhance their profitability with three simple steps:

Integrate sensory hardware into machines.
Connect hardware to networks to communicate machine data.
Use data to inform decision making, enhance business processes, and take action.

Simplify your Solutions

We believe that technology should make life easier. That’s why we design solutions that remove the barriers to implementation. And that’s why we’re with you every step of the way as you automate your processes and create a platform for growth, profitability and sustainability in a machine-connected environment.

1,000,000+ vending machines managed by CCS enterprise software
1,000,000+ vending machines managed by CCS
400,000+ cashless systems installed worldwide
400,000+ cashless systems installed worldwide
100+ Associates Worldwide
100+ Associates Worldwide

Our Services

Card Readers

While 85% of all global transactions are made in cash, 390 billion cashless transactions take place every year, and in 2016 alone, $620 billion was processed via mobile—a number that continues to grow. Never miss a sale with our comprehensive suite of card readers, engineered to accept whatever form of payment is in your customer’s wallet.


Engage consumers, increase sales, and maximize your technology investment without the expense of a new machine. With our interactive screens, you can promote mobile payment acceptance, display nutritional information, and boost consumer loyalty, all while getting paid to participate in digital advertising campaigns.


Unleash the power of connectivity  with one of our highly-engineered telemetry solutions. Give your machine a voice and connect to the Internet of Things with a flexible, configurable telemeter from CCS.

Hosting Services

Reduce your IT costs by relying on CCS for your database hardware, software and infrastructure needs. With no need to purchase, upgrade or maintain a server environment, you can focus on growing your business with the knowledge that our computing technology is always working for you.

Connect Services

We partner with the industry’s most reliable cellular providers to ensure that your communications are always up and running, ready to process transactions.

Cashless Processing Services

Boasting the industry’s most agnostic cashless processing solution with remote management & over-the-air configuration, we offer diverse partnership options to fit your needs and existing processes.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Transform your business processes with the industry’s most comprehensive dynamic scheduling operation. Enhance operational efficiency, increase cash accountability and experience unprecedented visibility to your most pressing business challenges with our comprehensive enterprise software solutions.

Mobile Apps

Connect with your drivers, technicians and business partners with the touch of a button. All of your business needs are at your fingertips with mobile application portfolio.

Digital Advertising

Make money by making an impression with the industry’s most innovative digital advertising experience. Attract new customers, increase sales of key products and generate incremental revenue with our patent-pending digital advertising platform.

Cloud Reporting

Offering real-time machine health data, access to sales & deposit information, and remote asset management, our cloud reporting tools ensure that you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

Consulting Services

As your global partner for connectivity, our worldwide team of engineers is with you every step of the way. From ideation to implementation, we’ll make sure that your transition to cashless is smooth and successful.

Global Field Support

With the industry’s most robust engineering network, our technical field specialists are on-site, online and on the phone when you need them.

CSS Media Network

Connect to CCS media network and leverage the industry’s most innovative digital advertising platform to increase your same store sales and create a sustainable recurring revenue stream. Vending is primarily an impulse buy, and 80% of consumers haven’t decided what they are going to buy when they get to the machine. Digital advertising not only engages consumers, but can increase same store sales by 23% above cashless alone, which helps offset the cost of the connection by paying you to advertise products already being sold in the machine. Like what you see?
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